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We are based at Ranikhet, Uttarakhand and we are into hospitality and Taxi Services. We deal in Hotels and Home Stays at the same time we also take care of Taxi requirements for our clients. We offer a variety of Travel Packeges. We are excel in creating on of a kind vacations and destinations events that offers truly breathtaking experiences at an offordable cost.

Hello! I'm Neeraj Singh Phartiyal, and I'm responsiblle for ensuring every aspect of your experience with TravelGru is pleasing. I'll work with you to choose the travel package that best fits your needs, create a customized itineary, helps you preapare for trip, and communicate with your party and our patners throughtout your trip to ensure that all goes smoothly.

I Love travel myself, and have personally had the fortune to visit many of the destinations that are available through our packages. I'm passonate about helping others experience everything the world has to offer, and I'm quite excited to help you with the trip.

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